Monday Spanish Class for students grade 1-5
Level 1

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3:15 - 3:45 Pick up from Murch and snack
3:45 - 4:15 Recess or extracurricular activities
4:15 - 5:15 Recess or homework (second grade and up) or manual activities (up to 1st grade) or extracurricular activities (all grades)
5:15– 6:00 Spanish class

Pick up options for this course: 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM (prices for each pick up option are indicated below).

Class - Level 1

Each class includes one or a set of objectives that target the acquisition of a specific structure and focus on the active "reproduction" of the language. The children will gradually combine vocabulary and structures and learn how to use some of them. From the beginning, the students will learn how to form simple sentences (questions and answers) through small role-plays. Active role-plays will encourage the children to listen, ask and answer simple questions. All the classes are connected to each other and act as "building blocks". We review old elements and recombine them with new ones, gradually forming new and more complex sentences incorporating broader vocabulary. The Language Program uses an age appropriate Spanish method as one of the tools for learning the language.

Manual Activities

The arts and crafts are structured by topics that change every week. Every week, the children learn a new group of words and practice them by doing simple manual activities that primarily associate pictures and spoken language. At the beginning of the activity the children are introduced to a new set of words colorfully illustrated on the black board. After that first introduction, the teachers give instructions on how to complete the activity. The children listen to several commands in the language and repeat the set of words during or after the activity is completed. For example, if the vocabulary of the week is about "Transportation" the arts and crafts activity would be to make a car, a bus, a fire truck, etc... Activities are slightly different for children who know how to read and write. The activities proposed during a given week are consistent with one another and increase in difficulty as the week progresses.


Tuition Fees

$140/ month –This fee includes: Pick up from Murch at 3:15 PM, homework assistance, Spanish class from 5:15 PM to 6:00 PM.

If you'd like to enroll your child in the Spanish Afternoon Program additional days of your choice (when your child doesn't have language classes) from 3:15 PM to 6:00 PM:

1 additional day: for an extra $80/month
2 additional days: for an extra $140/month
3 additional days: for an extra $200/month
4 additional days: for an extra $240/month

Extra time until 6:30 PM

Extra time 1 day: additional $10 per month
Extra time 2 days: additional $20 per month
Extra time 3 days: additional $30 per month
Extra time 4 days: additional $40 per month
Extra time 5 days: additional $50 per month

When registering, pay a one time $350 fee for the 6:30 PM pick up. Use the extra time every day or as needed.

Enroll in this Class

Additional information

End Of The Year Open House and Children's Show Case

Every year around the end of May the Language Program gathers all the families together for dinner and children's performances. Children prepare plays and songs in the language they are studying and then perform them at the Open House. Some groups prepare their own costumes and special messages for the audience. It also allows the parents a chance to socialize with other families and to engage with the language teachers.


During DCPS closings and most Federal Holidays, the Language Program stays open. Each camp has a different theme. The Language Program also organizes Spanish Summer Camps, For more info, go to the Camp Page.

Late pick-up

Please call us when you are late (202) 487-1857. Late pick-ups are charged a $10 flat fee up to 15 minutes, $20 thereafter.

Pick-up from Murch and drop off to Murch for enrichment activities

The Language Program will pick up from Murch's extracurricular activities that last at least 6 weeks. If you'd like to take advantage of this service, you must fill out this form.

Elective activities at CLS

Aside from language, playground and homework assistance,, CLS offers art, drama, chess, sewing/ crafts-making, and others. Parents can sign up for one or more activities in the registration form.


The Program's policy is to keep the books and other material in the children's personal folder at the Language Program. Books and other material will be given to parents at the end of the school year.

Parent/teachers communication

Parents are encouraged to share concerns when they arise so teachers can have the time to implement the necessary changes. To schedule a meeting with a teacher or with the Program Director any time during the school year, please call the Language Program.

Online Lesson Plans

Parents will be able to follow what their child is doing in our language classes. Lesson plans will be uploaded on a weekly basis..

Only parents of currently enrolled children will be able to view this information. Parents will receive information on how to access the lesson plans shortly after they register their child.